3 Is A Band: Love Inks



3 Is A Band: Love Inks

In a city that hosts some of the biggest music festivals in the country, and with a very broad variety in musical genres, it’s hard to stand out and that is when “less is more” becomes more than just a saying!

Calling Austin, TX their home, Love Inks seem to build their songs on “less is more” by creating beautiful, stripped down “minimalist pop”. With EXI, released in September 2014, Sherry LeBlanc (vocals), Kevin Dehan and Zach Biggs have released a beautiful subtle record, their third studio album.

Stream EXI on The Quietus, sit back and relax. Let the stripped down beauty of the ten songs inspire you. Then head over to YouTube to enjoy videos to the maybe two stand-out tracks: Start with Shoot 100 Panes of Glass the opening track on EXI and then move on to Sky Machine, also from EXI. Both are perfect examples for Love Inks beautiful, mellow yet hauntingly catchy music.

To learn more, follow Love Inks on Facebook and check out their tumblr page full of poloaroid photos.