3 Is A Band: ON AN ON



3 Is A Band: ON AN ON

For the last several days, I have And The Wave Has Two Sides, the second studio album of the Minneapolis three piece ON AN ON on repeat. I absolutely love it, every one of the twelve tracks. It’s a beautiful, harmonious album with airy guitars, unobtrusive percussion, lots of electronic elements, charming vocals and a the occasional edginess here and there. In preparation for my weekly 3 Is A Band feature, I also checked out ON AN ON’s videos, and BINGO! The first one I watched, gave me goose bumps, and chills and all I wanted is to watch it again!

Mission accomplished, no? So let’s have a look at It’s Not Over and enjoy this sweet and catchy song and the equally awesome visualization:

You’re back? Quite a ride, no? If you get a chance, listen to the whole album, start with the first song Behind The Gun and listen through all tracks until the the 12th and last one All At Once. I have not known  Nate Eiesland (vocals, guitar), Ryne Estwing (bass, vocals) and Alissa Ricci (keys, vocals)  previous band Scattered Trees, so I can’t say anything about that. I know though that Nate Eiesland’s vocals have exactly the effect on me that I love so much of male voices – and only some have it…

Another immediately likable, mellow and simply beautiful song from And The Wave Has Two Sides and another cool video:

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