Song Picks of the Week



Song Picks of the Week

For every day in the week we pick a song: a new release, a discovery or simply something that fits the current mood. Like our Facebook Page and follow along day by day or find seven song picks every Sunday here on

t’s only Monday, so let’s kick-off this new week slowly and with a beautiful, airy and simply irresistibly charming song by the Canadian five piece Lobby [Through A Veil] is our Song Pick. If you liked this only one month old song, then check out the other two tracks and let’s get excited about the upcoming EP.

Tuesday’s Song Pick is from Australia – it’s the first track I’ve heard from Eves The Behavior and makes me watch out for a show of hers over here.

I remember the time // do you remember the time – There’s yet another heartbreakingly beautiful song dedicated to a woman, this time it’s Sophia by Chris Cookson our Song Pick of Wednesday. It’s a mellow, slowly building track with a big splash of… heartbreak.

Here’s another upcoming singer/songwriter from Australia: Teischa with her soulful track Couldn’t Care Less is our Song Pick of Thursday.

Gives me HAPPY CHILLS, that’s what this super cute video by ON AN ON does to me, hence it becomes our Song Pick of Friday. – Yep, I just wrote a little feature about this Minneapolis three piece but can’t help it, love their new album and would want everybody to check out this video, find their loved one and hug them or chase them or both…

This Song Pick of Saturday comes from the Oregon band WL. I want to put it on while driving down the coast on Highway 101 – it’s time to visit the Northwest again. In the meantime I’m enjoying such good music from there.

Fran Lobo from London and her track Is This Love is our Song Pick of Sunday.