Song Picks of the Week



Song Picks of the Week

It’s summer and glamglare is on vacation. That’s why the Song Picks of the Week are a few days late and not complete. Still, enjoy the music!

Icelandic band Samaris sets local poems to cool electronic beats. That makes an intriguing Song Pick of the Day.

Aero Flynn’s self-titled debut album is an album that I play on repeat since I heard it first about three months ago. One of the maybe catchiest tracks is “Dk/Pi” and our Song Pick of the Day. Dk/Pi starts off slowly, lures you in with easy going violin sounds, synths, charming voice and then it builds up quite some suspense without solving it.

Great 60s guitar line in this song from the DC band Misun and a great Song Pick of the Day.

I don’t know much about L.A. band Superhumanoids, but I love this song, so it’s our Song Pick of The Day.

Anteros from London has a song called “Fade To Grey”, which is not related to the iconic ’80 hit. But it’s good, our Song Pick of the Day.

Song Pick of the Day: singer/songwriter Ashni combines cool electronics with traditional instruments.