Song Picks of the Week



Song Picks of the Week

This week we have only five, travel-inspired song picks. For next week we are back to normal, with one song per day.

About to take off in Berlin for JFK and Verona by Lastlings would be the right song to dream away the time above the clouds, if I could stream Soundcloud in the plane. That makes it an excellent Song Pick of the Day.

Back from Germany, and a trip to 4 cities in 10 days! Sadly, I didn’t come across any cool current (!) German music, so my Song Pick of Thursday features a band from Stockholm, dedicated to the lovely Swedish mother and daughter I met in the train, shortly after arriving in Munich. Listen to the upbeat A Warning of Sorts by Chirping

Officially back in Brooklyn and why not having Friday’s Song Pick of the Day come from Brooklyn too? Sarah, You’re Anxious by Total Makeover is a synth-laden pop anthem with just the right amount of suspense for not being too sugary or insignificant.

Violins so front and center rarely make me like a song but there’s an exception for everything. Close My Eyes by the Australian four piece I Know Leopard is certainly different and grabs your attention immediately.

This Song Pick of the Day is perfect for a summer Sunday: Boise, Idaho band Shades with their relaxed track Balloon. Their album “Common Desire” is out now.