NEW ALBUM: Mensch – Tarifa



NEW ALBUM: Mensch – Tarifa

Mensch is the duo of Vale Poher and Carine “Marilou” Di Vita from the French town of Lyon. I’ve already loved their first, self-titled album in 2012 and still regret having missed their only NYC appearance in the defunct Bruar Falls. But now they are back with their second record Tarifa, a short, delightful eight track affair of 34 minutes.

They list LCD Soundsystem and Blondie as references, but for me a less tight and more relaxed version of The xx is the best comparison. There are clear guitar melodies, thundering bass lines, computer beats with a little synth thrown in and then those wonderful vocals. The music is a little dark and melancholic, but never depressing or self-important.

Aside from the single Cosmopolitain the songs are all in English, with a charming French accent. Tarifa is a smooth listen and it is over far too quickly. At the end you’re inclined to put the (virtual) needle right back to track one to get some more of it.

Tarifa will be out on August 28th on Tsunami Addiction.

Listen to Cosmopolitain: