Fairground Saints – Fairground Saints (debut album)



Fairground Saints – Fairground Saints (debut album)

The Los Angeles-based trio Fairground Saints make as per their own definition “Alternative Folk Pop” and incredibly beautifully and catchy so. Per my own definition, I’d rank them somewhere between the more folk-oriented John Mayer (and I admittedly am a HUGE fan!) and some of the more mainstream (in a good way) country acts. 

Listening through the whole debut album,  named liked the band, I’m already hooked by only track 2 aka Can’t Control The Weather and don’t want to stop listen. The Fairground Saint’s album offers upbeat and then some more quiet tracks, mirroring the fact that all three members share song-writing duties and collaborate together on songs.

It never gets boring, with each of the three singing, sometimes in harmony and sometimes taking over one song entirely. They also make good use of a lot of different instruments, creating this folksy yet never dull or quaint sound with Mason Van Valin providing vocals and guitar,  Megan McAllister adding vocals, guitar and dulcimer and Elijah Edwards rounding everything up with his vocals, guitar, mandolin, keyboards, Dobro and accordion.

Another stand-out track for me is the heartbreakingly beautiful Until Then sung by Megan McAllister.: “Until then, bring me roses // Fill up the space in my bed // Until then, shower me with kisses //  Cuz this love’s on fire // And it’s driving me mad // Will you love me until then…

Change of pace though righter after it with the rather cheeky Sunday Lover!

Follow Fairground Saints on their Facebook and/or Twitter and get to see them live (further down) – booked my ticket already. Bottom line – you want to get this album if you’re into great songwriting, beautiful harmonies and vocals, and overall skillful musicianship.

Fairground Saint’s debut album is the perfect record to catch the last bits of Summer, guiding you beautifully through Fall, until the last warming sun rays have long gone yet the charming voices and melodies still linger on and comfort you through the challenging Winter days…

Listen into a live performance of Fairground Saints at the KRML Cabin In The Woods. It starts out with the super catchy, upbeat Cant’ Control The Weather which makes you want to dance and listen to more of the good:

And here’s a “lyrics video” of what Can’t Control The Weather sounds like fully recorded, with  guitar finger picking, sweeping choruses, horn section and all:

Fairground Saints are touring and we got our tickets already since they most likely will play much bigger venues next time around: