Song Picks of the Week



Song Picks of the Week

Monday is a good day to present new music, so we will post our Song Picks of the Week one day later in the future. Today is also Labor Day in the U.S. and the unofficial end of summer. At glamglare, we are looking forward to fall, to lots of new music and the CMJ fest. Enhoy your holiday!

We know… it’s Monday, and you’re probably still hanging on to the weekend. We have the right song for you though. Listen to Wandering by Melbourne’s City Calm Down and feel ready to tackle what’s coming your way. Our Song Pick of Monday is a slowly building, uplifting and simply beautiful track from City Calm Down’s upcoming debut album.

Cold Beat readies their new album Into the Air for release in September, they play Union Pool on 9/18 and their song Cracks is our Song Pick of Tuesday.

Turnstile, our Song Pick of Wednesday starts out slowly, with smooth beats and light piano-tunes, until Stewart Bronaugh’s vocals gently chime in “You said you couldn’t stay long” and at which point, we’re hooked! The crazy catchy 7-inch release of Lionlimb doesn’t stay that mellow though, with intriguing brass solos and lo-fi guitars setting in, playing with the smooth flow of the charming melody: “Your love is a turnstile and I jumped it”. I also get a really cool early Phoenix vibe here, so if that’s your thing, you must listen to “Turnstile” NOW.

The Song Pick of the Thursday comes from Jojee, who says I don’t give A. A what? She seems to be very relaxed, though, in this track that hits all the right buttons of a trendy 2015 production.

Already enjoying your (hopefully) long weekend, or are you still scrambling to still get things done? Either way, you deserve to listen to something upbeat, a song that envelopes you in its synths base and happy overtones. Check out Falling by Here We Go Magic and get this weekend started!

This is going to be an exciting last summer weekend and here’s a great song for getting into the right mood: Ayelle’s What you Made. We’ll go to a rooftop party later today and I wish they played this Song Pick of Saturday.

Happy Sunday! Relax and dream with this Song Pick of the Day by Palehound.