Not Blood Paint got the crowd going at the new C’mon Everybody



Not Blood Paint got the crowd going at the new C’mon Everybody

Last Friday, when I received an impromptu invite to go see Not Blood Paint in the new Bed-Stuy venue C’mon Everybody I didn’t know what to expect. My friend told me, that Not Blood Paint would… “paint” their faces but not with blood. Aha! So I was kind of prepared for “weird stuff” yet was positively surprised by the high quality of music! 

The venue was pleasantly packed, and there were a lot of true fans in attendance, knowing the songs and letting themselves feel the music. It’s been years -if not a decade or two- that I’ve seen that much head banging and hair flying. Cool!

== All concert photos by – Elke Nominikat and Oliver Bouchard ==

Not Blood Paint certainly stand out with their theatrical approach to live music. They forgo any stale projected images, but create their own visuals, with paint in their faces, that slowly fades as the show progresses, dressed in costumes, kimonos that night, which they take off as it fits, stomping bare foot on stage. But always playing their instruments with great skills and often singing in beautiful 3 part harmony.

George Frye (vocals, guitar), Mark Jaynes (bass, vocals), Seth Miller (drums) and Joe Stratton (vocals, guitar) remind me of some of my favorite 70s bands transported into 2015, brushed up and modernized. I am pretty sure this wasn’t the last time I saw them live. 

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