Song Picks of the Week



Song Picks of the Week

Here are our song picks of last week. Find them every Monday morning (EST) here or follow along day by day on our Facebook page.

Labor Day… no holiday in Australia though, hence we choose our Song Pick of Monday from there with Sandy by Oh Mercy A warm, driving, upbeat song: Sandy, come closer // A little closer, ooh, a little closer // Baby, just be near me //
A little nearer // You should see her

Let yourself being drawn into this song by Miya Folick, but beware: it gets loud around and dramatic around the two minute mark. I love this: Song Pick of Tuesday.

Need a little push to make it through Wednesday? Dont Stop by Tribeca could be exactly what you want right now: our Song Pick of Wednesday is an urgent, intense and downright awesome guitar- and bass-driven little gem.

Daffodils in Paris is a new song by Fe, who was introduced recently on Apple Beats1. That may bring her on the right track to stardom by the time her album is expected mid of next year.
To my knowledge, Paris is not necessarily famous for daffodils, but this track is a beautiful, nocturnal Song Pick of Thursday.

I’m already hooked when a song starts with a catchy guitar line, with distinct vocals chiming in a little later, that usually does the trick! No different with Cycle as the Deal Goes Down by Sydney’s YEEVS who are responsible for our cool Song Pick of Friday.

This is Golden Gardens, a duo from Seattle with our Song Pick of Saturday Mirror of Silver (which seems to be the usual color of a mirror). Great track, though, hope to hear more from them.

The Sunday Song Pick of the Day is an instrumental by Hamburg DJ and producer Helena Hauff. Her music is difficult to classify – for me it has the vibe of futuristic music made in, let’s say, ’88. Her debut record Discrete Desires is excellent – check it out if you are into experimental experimental sound.