New Album/EP: The Fight – North America



New Album/EP: The Fight – North America

When I came across Try  by the Canadian five piece The Fight, I was immediately hooked and wanted to listen to more of the pretty cool indie rock. I got in touch with the band, inquiring about their EP scheduled to drop in August. Then it was September. Luckily, as a general rule in life, good things are worth the wait because North America got its digital release yesterday, and just right in time.

Bradey Feil (vocals), Todd Andrews (bass, vocals), Devin Fortier (guitar, vocals), Caleb Neumeier (guitar) and Erik Grice (drums, vocals) form The Fight, originating from Edmonton, Canada. Their EP North America contains six fantastic songs, almost all carrying a one noun title, with clear guitar hooks, driving beats and vocals that remind at times of The National and other baritone strong bands.

Listen to Ashtray, an instantly likable and  super catchy track, with beautiful, deep vocals singing about making a relationship work and giving and receiving a second chance: 

the ashtray it don’t lie
i’ve been up all night
drinking all of the whiskey
sitting and shaking
what was i thinking
i want a conversation
maybe we could make a comeback

Another great track on North America is the earlier released Try. 

it won’t always be easy, honey
it won’t always be easy

Listen to the whole album, follow The Fight on Facebook and/or Twitter and see them live: