CMJ Roundup Day 3: Religia // The Beaches // Georgia



CMJ Roundup Day 3: Religia // The Beaches // Georgia

Unfortunately I couldn’t join for the daytime shows, but Elke saw Idgy Dean, Methyl Ethel and Courtesy Tier. More about them later.

Religia at Pianos

For me the evening started with Religia, the project of Asha Iwanowicz from Brooklyn. She combines mostly electronic music with great vocals and I’m sure we’ll hear more of her.

The Beaches at Fontana's

Next stop was the Canadian Blast at Fontana’s for The Beaches and Rock’n’Roll four-piece from Toronto. There’s nothing not to love about them: energy, mastery of their instruments and lots of charisma, everything is there.

Georgia at Rough Trade

From there we went finally back to our neighborhood to see Georgia, for the second time this year. Without her touring drummer, she had to do all the beats herself. While this prevented her from jumping up and down the stage like she did the last time, it highlighted an interesting fact: she and her keyboarder play all the music live on stage. There’s no computer or sequencer filling in, which is remarkable for an electronic musician who does complex sounds.

We wanted to see more, but first took a break at Nita Nita for a late dinner. But then Georgia showed up with a big entourage and we chatted the night away with the sound guy at Rough Trade.

Today is my first full day at CMJ, so expect much more music tomorrow.