New Album: Cheatahs – Mythologies



New Album: Cheatahs – Mythologies

Upon learning that UK band Cheatahs wouldn’t be able to make it to the US right in time for New York’s CMJ 2015 festival, I was pretty bummed. They were scheduled to play five shows. Just imagine! Bathing in big, fat, loud guitar driven sound (shoegaze anyone?) for not just one single show but more of the good? Not only that, I would have loved to see Cheatahs performing in smaller venues because I’m dead sure that when they’ll come the next time, they’d be playing Webster Hall, if not bigger…

Cheatahs released their self-titled debut album in February 2014 and follow it up with Mythologies in October 2015. Comparing the two albums, the new one is still very much shoegaze and “more of the same” which is a good thing if you happen to have liked their first album and are a fan of fuzzy, distorted guitars and effect supported vocals. Stand out tracks would be the two previously released singles Seven Sisters (August), Signs to Lorelei (September) as well as In Flux

On Mythologies we’re even treated to lyrics sung in Japanese for track number 11, Murasaki, and some backdrop in German for the opening track Red Lakes (Sternstunden) – not surprising, given the band’s multi-nationality.

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