LIFE SOUNDTRACK: Warpaint – Undertow



LIFE SOUNDTRACK: Warpaint – Undertow

In the light of Jenny Lee Lindbergs first solo show ever yesterday at Baby’s All Right (watch out for photos in the next days), here’s a throwback to 2010, when her band’s ascent to a indie rock favorite with fans all over the world began. I’m sure the four members of Warpaint will look back in amazement what all has happened for them in the last five years.

For me 2010 was the also year when we moved to Brooklyn and the year when the music blogging bug bit me, mainly because Warpaint inspired me to find more women who create great music and write about them.

Undertow will probably in the list of my all time favorite songs, if I ever get to compile one. I remember well when I heard it the first time, walking beneath the BQE on Metropolitan Avenue. I wasn’t smitten at the first listen, but the lyrics in their beautiful simplicity are difficult to get out of your head and I just can’t get enough of Emily’s voice.

The video, directed by Jenny’s sister Shannyn, is also beautiful: it makes me happy every time I watch it.