NEW ALBUM: Painted Zeros – Floriography



NEW ALBUM: Painted Zeros – Floriography

Floriography, the full length debut album of Painted Zeros starts right of with lush, woozy guitars on (X) Flatline reminiscent of the best songs of the Silversun Pickups or Smashing Pumpkins, when Katie Lau asks:

Which worries you more: that I’ll leave you, or that I won’t?
I have changed, but my love still feels the same.

The next two songs are bit lighter, until with Palm Trees comes a killer song again:

The overall theme of this very much DIY album is love and the loss of it and everything in between that comes with it. While the overall sound is (post)-shoegaze and dream-pop, it’s the female vocals that sets this album apart. The vocals often left more in the background, more like an after-thought than the main focus for the first half of the album.

This changes though, when the album almost takes a turn, with Spring coming on: a folksy, country inspired tune, a beautifully sad song actually. Katie Lau’s dreamy vocals can really shine here. 

Katie Lau is the woman behind all the songs and also the recording, because she recorded all tracks herself in her “bedroom”. Although one can tell that this is lo-fi, it doesn’t matter. The songs stand on their own and one can only look forward to with what Katie Lau comes up next.

Maybe for her next album she records tracks together with her live band mates, Jared Kaner (drums) and Jim Hill (bass)? Without having seen them together (yet), I can only imagine that the result would be amazing, given the already fantastic material!

Painted Zero have recently signed with Don Giovanni Records. To keep up with Painted Zeros follow them on Facebook and watch out for any live show updates:

The album is currently available for streaming on YouTube so check it out: