NEW ALBUM: Foals – What Went Down



NEW ALBUM: Foals – What Went Down

With its uncompromising urgency, high tempo moving forward, pronounced bass lines and underlying menace cumulating in great suspense, What Went Down is easily among the best rock-pop songs of the year!

Yet when first listening to What Went Down  the fourth studio album of The Foals, one is inclined to conclude “one incredibly awesome song and that’s that”. This is at least what I’ve been thinking after having listened to What Went Down for one (!) time back in August and having put it aside.

Until I picked the album up again a week ago and didn’t want to stop listening since! There are tons of little gems on this album, some equal in their intensity and likability to the album’s opener What Went Down. Strategically placed, track six picks up on the intensity, because Snake Oil is the “other” killer song on this album. There are parts to it that remind me of U2’s Achtung Baby.

Did Foals depart from Holy Fire, their previous album? Not really. Are they still as cool and relevant? Most certainly! For me this is one of these albums that you need to give a second or maybe a third “chance” to develop and grow on you. But once you’re down for it, the reward is great.

Here’s What Went Down, first the song on SoundCloud and then the incredible video on YouTube:

Listen also to Snake Oil: