Video: Monogold – Pink Lemonade



Video: Monogold – Pink Lemonade

“Pink Lemonade” is a track on “Good Heavens”, Monogold’s third full-length album. This time around, Keith Kelly (vocals, guitar), Jared Apuzzo (drums) and Michael Falotico (bass, vocals) change up their usual music creation process and focus on what kind of dreamy sounds they can produce with guitar, bass and drums only – plus the skillful layering of traditional instruments like grand piano or brass instruments and then some.

While the song itself isn’t necessarily that much tongue-in-cheek, the video to “Pink Lemonade” is: taking freely from multiple pop-culture references, the intentionally lo-fi video features Andy Warhol, a mermaid, Mexican wrestlers next to Dracula and so forth. Think of something and he/she/it might be in the video.

Just watch “Pink Lemonade” and find out if you’re right. Be ready to tap along and smile thanks to the song’s infectious, easy-going Summer-vibe:

Find Pink Lemonade also on SoundCloud:

Mark your calendars, something to look forward to in 2016, seeing Monogold live: