3 Is A Band: Chain Wallet



3 Is A Band: Chain Wallet

When I listened to Shade for the very first time, a lot of different memories run through my mind, good memories, from the 80s… youthful, carefree, filled with joy. And nothing has changed. Even upon listening to Shade for the maybe 17th time, it’s still one beautiful little joyful bliss of a song. Granted, I don’t fully understand the lyrics because I think that Chain Wallet, the band responsible for Shade, is weaving some Norwegian vocabulary into the song and while I searched for more info, I couldn’t find any.

What I do know though is that Chain Wallet are located in Bergen, Norway and comprised of Stian Iversen, Christian Line, and Frode Boris. Bergen is one of these magical places, look it up and you understand what I mean.

Listening through all the songs that Chain Wallet have published on their SoundCloud page, I cannot help but give in to one of my already mentioned associations and have to refer to another Norwegian trio, an 80s “staple”: a-ha – but it’s really just hailing from the same country, being a three-piece and making music reminiscent of the European 80s.

Best, you check out Chain Wallet yourself and listen to Shade:

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