NEW ARTIST: L. $hamPain



NEW ARTIST: L. $hamPain

I don’t know much more about L. $hamPain than that she is from Texas and records all her music alone in her bedroom. That narrative matches her music: listen for example to Take Me Out Tonight on her EP Turtles all the Way Down where she coos “Take me Out Tonight // I’ve Been Lonely all My Life” and let your imagination float.

L. $hamPain has a slew of music on her Bandcamp page, but she recommended her two latest EPs for listening, the aforementioned Turtles and her latest work, For Blood or Money. On both records she uses skillful electronics and her expressive vocals to create beautiful songs with an air of uncanny intimacy. Spontaneously I felt remembered on Jana Hunter’s early work. Jana went on from there to front the acclaimed indie band Lower Dens and I could see a similar path into the limelight for L. $hamPain. If you are as curious as I am where her music will take her, follow her page.

Both EPs are for free download on Bandcamp: