PHOTOS: Negative Gemini live at Palisades



PHOTOS: Negative Gemini live at Palisades

Brooklyn producer and singer Lindsey French aka Negative Gemini was one of the most exciting discoveries during preparation for last year’s CMJ festival. But then there was just no way to bend our schedule so that we could actually see her playing live. Fortunately, last Saturday, she grabbed – very short-term – a spot on the late show line-up at Palisades.

The setting was anything but ideal, with a huge table taking almost the entire stage, leaving room for only a tiny corner for her own equipment: a 404 sampler and a keyboard, as far as I could see. But it turns out that Negative Gemini had no problem with that. She is a master of the electronic solo performance: she plays her instruments, sings and dances in a way that is engaging and fun to watch for the audience. I can’t wait to see what she will pull off on a less crowded stage! I also learned that new music is in the works and she hopefully will play live again very soon.

Listen to her excellent EP “Real Virtual Unison” here:

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