NEW ALBUM: L.A. Girlfriend – Neon Grey



NEW ALBUM: L.A. Girlfriend – Neon Grey

Some albums, like the ones by Cross Record or Sea Caves try to surprise the listener with every song or often even within a song. Others find beauty in steadiness, like “Neon Grey” by L.A. Girlfriend. Behind that name is not, as one could assume, a bunch of dudes from, let’s say, England. There is no irony here: Sydney Banta is actually from L.A. and she may be somebody’s girlfriend.
The title “Neon Grey” captures the mood of the album perfectly. She layers a steady electronic beat (I believe there is not a single drum fill on the entire album), synth bass lines a fuzzy guitar and her vocals to beautiful tracks with exactly that introspective intimacy I love so much in music.
“Neon Grey” is out now. Listen to it on Apple Music or Spotify.

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