NEW EP: XYLØ – America



NEW EP: XYLØ – America

XYLØ let their debut EP “America” start with a literal bang: opener “Bang Bang” shouts singer Paige Duddy over thundering drums. The remaining four tracks don’t keep up that energy level and XYLØ switches to a slower, more emotional mode. Good songs, all of them, with a good dose of darkness and melancholy.

XYLØ are a brother-sister due (Paige teamed up with her brother Chase) and they have signed to a major label deal, which may explain the perfect, contemporary production. Last time we saw them, their live show was not yet smoothed out, but there will be another opportunity at SXSW in a couple of weeks, where they play at least three shows.

“America” is out now on Disruptor Records. Listen on Apple Music or Spotify.

Listen to “BLK CLD”:

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