PHOTOS: Twin Wave played an Awesome Show at Union Pool



PHOTOS: Twin Wave played an Awesome Show at Union Pool

My initial title choice included statements like “Twin Wave are back” and “played a sold out show” but both statements are quite a pleonasm since this New York psych rock/dream pop band is obviously ‘back’ when playing a show and hey, they should (and will) play sold out houses.

Ever since I heard Twin Wave for the very first time in May 2014, playing a superb show at the now defunct Spike Hill, I’ve been following the band. Their beautifully dreamy guitar rock immediately connected with me. And for almost two years,  I was hoping for another live opportunity but for whatever reason I missed them all and then the band underwent some sort of re-shaping and re-focusing.

If I remember correctly, they were a band of five back then, and on stage, for their live performance, they are still five but Twin Wave shrunk down to the three core members: Nick Williams (lead vocals),  Sarik Kumar (guitar) and Maxx Berkowitz (guitar, keyboard). I wrote in my 2014 blog post, before even existed, that Nick Williams is charismatic and I stick with my label! There’s something very special to it, when a band allows themselves to have a band member that “only” sings. If he (or she) does it that well as Nick, and manages to mesmerize the audience, heck, then you know they’re doing something ‘right’.

But hold on… guitar fans (like myself) are getting their money’s worth too, because Sarik and Maxx deliver! Best, you watch Twin Wave live, now that they re-emerged, and until you can see another show of this to-be-followed Brooklyn three-piece, check out their songs on SoundCloud. While those of us in attendance could get a taste of the new material to drop soon, for now you’ll find “only” the old(er) songs online and while the band has musically evolved, and updated their sound to their liking, one thing remains: their uncanny knack for hypnotic guitar lines, great hooks, and beautiful indie-rock gems.

If you missed this special Twin Wave show at Union Pool, here are some photos for you to make up for it:


Among the many new songs, were classics like “Feel You” or…

… my personal all time favorite “Relapse”:

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