NEW EP: FEiN – Little Little Homes



NEW EP: FEiN – Little Little Homes

The EP “Little Little Homes” came out a little over a week ago, and that’s since I’ve been listening to it. On repeat. This little gem of an EP is the creative child of Brandon Woodward and Luke Walton who together make music as FEiN, simply pronounced ‘fine’. Keeping it with the puns, they do make some ‘fine’ music. If I could, I’d put this album in the hands of all my friends and strangers on the street as well.

Upon their questions “What do FEiN sound like?” I’d answer, that this Southern Californian duo sounds rather unique, taking cues from what they like, creating a layered and absolutely amazing sound. Think of grande rock music pieces like “Bohemiam Rhapsody” by Queen for example. While none of FEiN’s tunes even remotely sound like this larger-than-life classic, their approach to songwriting reminds me of this piece of smart pop music. If you’re looking for a maybe more down-to-earth comparison, I’d go with early MGMT, their overall vibe. Again, this is not a 1:1 comparison, this is my way trying to describe this superb album that took my music loving soul by storm!

We’re all lucky, because for now, “Little Little Homes” can simply be streamed on SoundCloud and I encourage you to absolutely do so. Come May, it’s getting even better, because their full length album will drop then, a sixteen-song epic journey. Listen to FEiN nOW:


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