PHOTOS: Quilt played a brilliant record release show at Baby’s All Right



PHOTOS: Quilt played a brilliant record release show at Baby’s All Right

After impressive performances by Cut Worms and Lionlimb, the night and the sold-out venue clearly belonged to Quilt, the Boston quartet whom the audience came out to see celebrating their just released new album “Plaza”. (NPR offers a nice track by track feature of Quilt’s third studio album).

In almost lightening speed, Quilt set up their gear on stage, when finally the A/C kicked in and Anna Fox Rochinski’s set-list began flying around. With the help of some caring fans, this dilemma could get fixed. Unfortunately though, there was no fix for their own personal projector-based light show. Only two songs in, it gave up the ghost, the screen got rolled up and Baby’s All Right’s iconic backlights took over again. (Hence, only a few of the “psychedelic shots”).

Quilt is a band where singing duties are  getting almost equally shared, resulting in a diverse vibe. Not only do they create a different feel for their songs via different vocals but also stylistically: there’s ‘classic’ shoegaze, followed by a funk and then a pop-oriented track, with taking cues from blues and then rock again.

The band keeps pretty much to themselves, only sometimes addressing the audience like providing a semi-explanation to what has happened with the projector, when Anna states: “Agh, technology, there’s only so much you can ask for.” or when later on John Andrews declares: “It’s time for the drummer to sing a song, while you all can take a bathroom break. I will say this joke every day on tour.” – and nobody leaves. Of course not.

All four members of the band, the already mentioned Anna Fox Rochinski (vocals, guitars) and John Andrews (vocals, drums), as well as Shane Butler (vocals, guitars) and Keven Lareau (vocals, bass) plus June West on keys for this tour put on an excellent show to support their great new album.

See Quilt live* if you get a chance and click on a photo to start the slide show:

== All concert photos by Elke Nominikat and Oliver Bouchard ==

Listen to the beautifully chilled “Roller”, the first single from their album “Plaza”:


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