PHOTOS: Dead Stars Celebrated their New Album at Rough Trade



PHOTOS: Dead Stars Celebrated their New Album at Rough Trade

Friends, old fans, new fans, more friends… they all came out last Friday to see Brooklyn’s Dead Stars celebrate the release of their second full length album aptly at Rough Trade. Before Jeff Moore (guitar, vocals), Jaye Moore (drums) and John Watterberg (bass) took the stage, Holy Tunics and Infinity Girl did a fine job in getting the audience going.

When Dead Stars started to play, they kept it with a pleasant mix of known and new material, so that everybody could hum along, having a good time. A live show also always being a visual experience, I totally liked seeing them being clad in striped t-shirts of different kind of colors, stripes and styles. Somewhat a unity and then again each his own. Great idea! I’ve seen Dead Stars a good 18 months before, and liked them back then and liked them even better now. Heartfelt and honest show for a solid and cool album.

If you liked “Slumber”, Dead Star’s debut album,  you’ll definitely like “Bright Colors” too, because it’s simply more of the same. The same that’s good. No bells, no whistles but straightforward, beautifully crafted guitar rock. And honestly, as much as I love all the different indie-music varieties that are out there these days, there are times when I crave something solid and “Bright Colors” fulfills exactly that. On top of it? Dead Stars were great fun to watch live and I can’t wait to seeing them again in Austin, TX when Brooklynites seek out fellow Brooklynites, because, you know, it’s fun to meet on ‘foreign’ ground…

Click on a photo to start the slide-show:

== All concert photos by – Elke Nominikat and Oliver Bouchard ==

Listen to one of the many cool songs on “Bright Colors”, maybe my favorite “Stay Here”:

And one from “Slumber” that the #3IsABand played on Friday as well, “Someone Else”:


Get yourself a copy of “Bright Colors” on iTunes. Follow Dead Stars on Facebook and/or Twitter and go see them live:

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