3 Is A Band: Flawes



3 Is A Band: Flawes

What immediately got me hooked are the vocals: smooth yet not too soft, powerful but not too much, full-bodied and just perfect… perfect for the elegantly sparse setting and overall alluring vibe that Flawes create.

Flawes… a half year old UK trio consisting of Josh Carruthers (vocals, keys), Freddie Edwards (guitar) and Josh Hussey (drums) based near London. Each one of Flawes’ singles -three so far- is a beautiful alt-electro pop  jewel, with “Consolation” being the newest, and maybe most relaxed track in the collection. All songs though convince through pleasing arrangements and long-lasting hooks.

Since Flawes will release their second EP “CTRL” this upcoming Friday, April 1st, there will be more of the good! And for those of us who don’t want to wait for so long, there’s an advance streaming going on at the Independent.

Watch the absolutely stunning video to the beautifully sad and soulful “Don’t Wait For Me”:

And if you need any, here it is: “Consolation”:


Follow Flawes on Facebook and/or Twitter and go see them live! (Here’s hope they’re coming to the US any time soon… in Fall for CMJ maybe?)

Flawes Tour Dates


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