PHOTOS: Holy Nothing Proof that Electronic Music Can Be Super Exciting LIVE at Hideout (SXSW)



PHOTOS: Holy Nothing Proof that Electronic Music Can Be Super Exciting LIVE at Hideout (SXSW)

There was a handful of bands, I was most excited about to seeing live in Austin for SXSW and Holy Nothing… maybe… if I’m really honest with myself, topping that group – together with a certain Australian three-piece, stay tuned….

Although I’m living in one of the music meccas of the country -if not the WORLD-, not every act easily swings by New York. The annual music festivals like SXSW or CMJ are a special occasion to bring out those who might be hiding otherwise and as such I went with a lot of anticipation -and a good deal of butterflies in my stomach to Hideout Theatre on Congress to see Holy Nothing from Portugal perform.

Their album “Hypertext” was one of my most favorite albums of 2015 and I was curious to see how a band could possibly put this on stage in an entertaining way without falling back into (cheap and often cheesy) visual effects. Sneaking into the music venue turned movie theatre kinda last minute before the show started, I quickly hugged a few newly found friends (that’s another thing that SXSW is about: making friends…) and immediately was immersed in Holy Nothing’s captivatingly beautiful synth pop. Live as good as recorded!

Oh what joy it was to hear all my favorites being played live – and in color! Holy Nothing’s performance was surprisingly active and entertaining – as much as a synth-band can be! Pedro Rodrigues, Nelson Silva and Samuel Gonçalves changed places at times, left the stage occasionally and made overall the best out of the super tiny space given. They got the audience out of their seats, dancing and enveloped them with their beautiful sounds.

For me, this could have gone on forever but SXSW goes by strict rules, every hour another band and a hard curfew at 2 AM (hello New York, happy to be back!).

There was a lot of excitement in the air after the show, and I know that Holy Nothing made a lot of new fans and boosted the existing ones. I hope there will be another chance to have the deeper chat and drink that Pedro & Co & I intended to have. For now, I wish them all the very best in their home country Portugal and hope to see them soon again in my chosen country and home turf.

Obrigada por sua bela música e seu show ao vivo incrível.

(Click on a photo to start the slide show.) 

== All concert photos by – Elke Nominikat and Oliver Bouchard ==

Maybe my favorite on the album. Listen to “Rely On” and it might sneak up to be YOUR favorite too!

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