PHOTOS: Hunter Sharpe Brings Flair and Alt-Rock Gems to the Flatstock Stage (SXSW)



PHOTOS: Hunter Sharpe Brings Flair and Alt-Rock Gems to the Flatstock Stage (SXSW)

Granted, Austin native Hunter Sharpe played also other venues during this year’s SXSW aside from the Flatstock Stage, but there’s something special about strolling through rows and rows of beautiful art work, posters for famous and lesser known artists alike, listening to live music in the back ground and being aware of this music space. Compared with multi-function rooms in hotels or the West and East Tent stages in Brush Park, the Flatstock Stage is pretty rad. Still, it is snuggled on the ground floor level  of Austin’s Convention Center and the whole area is designated for dozens and dozens of people to sit down in big leather-like chairs and listen to the music.

Well, I am standing -and not just because all the chairs were already taken, understandably because SXSW keeps you on your feet A LOT and every opportunity to sit down is welcomed -but I could not have had sat down even if there would have been the possibility. I wanted to see Hunter Sharpe already last year, for SXSW 2015, and for all the various reasons that happen at this festival couldn’t make it. But, finally, I was punctual this time and boy, was I in for a treat!

The music that Hunter Sharpe together with his band mates Marlon Sexton (guitar), Colton Kincaid (bass) and Hunter Pierce (drums) put on stage was electrifying and made it impossible to stand or dare to sit still. I absolutely loved it and have no problem to admit that I was quite taken by the alluring visuals and performance.

But, make no mistake, this all would be nothing if Hunter Sharpe wouldn’t know how to to pull it off and back it up! His guitar and vocal skills are rock solid, paired with an uncanny knack for great songwriting. I wish his EP was out already but we just have to wait a bit longer… not a big problem because Hunter Sharpe, being 19 years old, has still all the time in the world, and so should we.

Browse through our concert photos and listen to  “Elephant Walk”, the first track from his upcoming EP.

== All concert photos by – Elke Nominikat and Oliver Bouchard ==

Follow Hunter Sharpe on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram and listen to the energetic indie-rock “Elephant Walk” sporting lots of guitar, charming hooks and great vocals that leaves you wanting the EP sooner than later!

Hunter Sharpe’s Debut Single
Mixed by Joe Chiccarelli


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