PHOTOS: Idgy Dean live at Union Pool



PHOTOS: Idgy Dean live at Union Pool

It has been a while since my one and only Idgy Dean concert at SXSW last year. Back then, I was already taken by Lindsay’s solo performance and her 2015 album “Omnious Harminus” made it into my top ten favorite albums.

So I was more than happy when she played our neighborhood venue Union Pool, opening for The Skins and Not Blood Paint. Idgy Dean is a force on stage, playing drums and guitar while singing at the same time and there is a lot of energy in her songs, driven by tribal beats and relentless guitar loops.

It was interesting to see that she has evolved her show, from strictly playing and looping every note herself to using some level backing tracks, which gives her more freedom on stage and allows to introduce more variety into her music. She assured that she remains committed to being a one woman band, but why not let technology help her a little more.

Listen to Idgy Deans phenomenal album “Ominous Harminus” on Apple Music or Spotify.

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