PHOTOS: Chaos Chaos closes SXSW with a bang



PHOTOS: Chaos Chaos closes SXSW with a bang

The last official show at SXSW we saw took place at the 18th floor bar at the Hilton Garden Inn. “Let’s all have tequila shots,” exclaimed Chaos Chaos singer and keyboarder Asy at some point and the venue felt more apt for drinking then for enjoying a concert. But that didn’t keep her and her sister Chloe on drums from getting the room excited, even in front of an audience an audience with five festival days in their bones, sitting mostly in comfy lounge chairs.

Chaos Chaos presents their electro pop with energy and joy. Chloe beats up her drum set relentlessly, while singing backup. Asy sings and hammers the keys until she let the sequencer take over, so she can prowl the stage. “I want to go to Berlin, but I can’t,” she screamed, making this after midnight-show one of the unforgettable SXSW moments.

There is no recent material out from the Brooklyn-based duo, but I assume they were in Austin for a reason and we can hear new music soon.

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