SONG PICK: Bad Feelings – Do You Wanna Get High



SONG PICK: Bad Feelings – Do You Wanna Get High

“Do You Wanna Get High” has rarely been asked with more longing and skill than on this debut track by LA duo Bad Feelings. It’s sparsely, almost carefully instrumented, with slowly hitting drums, strategically placed guitar and synths chords giving the wistful vocals room to shine and to bring the sentiment across. Wait for the bluesy guitar solo to kick-in and then there’s only one answer to “Can I come inside your mind for a little bit” – yes, YES please, on repeat! No need for drugs, because this song is addictive as it can be, exciting and soothing at the same time.
“Do You Wanna Get High” is our Song Pick of the Day and you know you wanna listen to it now:

Psyched to be able to include the lyrics sheet here too. Thanks, Dan and Tyler!

Bad Feelings - Do You Wanna Get High - LYRICS 2

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