SONG PICK: Samuel Ford – This Is A Waltz



SONG PICK: Samuel Ford – This Is A Waltz

The title of today’s Song Pick holds the promise of something alluring and unique: “This Is A Waltz” is exactly that – a slowly intensifying track composed in 3/4 time yet there’s nothing quaint or dull about it. “This Is A Waltz” by singer/songwriter Samuel Ford is exciting as it can be with its beautiful waltz structure and allegorical lyricism. The beats are immediately captivating and the slightly husky, urgently pressing vocals over strummed guitar chords, are swirling and fusing together into one breathtaking dance, creating a feeling of blissful dizziness. Step into a waltz without having to move to the dance floor, simply by clicking on PLAY:

Samuel Ford is based in London and “This Is A Waltz” is the first single-release from his upcoming EP “Kings” which is scheduled to drop May 23rd. Our calendar is marked!

If you can, see him live at The Old Queens Head in London.

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