3 Is A Band: SXSW2016 Recap of the Most Memorable Trios



3 Is A Band: SXSW2016 Recap of the Most Memorable Trios

Before heading out to Austin to this year’s South By South West Festival, I decided on 16 trios I was most looking forward to seeing live, and while I couldn’t catch them all, I saw most of them and few who weren’t on my list. Truth be told, there are bands who create astonishing music but might fall flat when performing live. Maybe it’s the venue, maybe it’s the time of day, maybe it’s the audience, and maybe it’s also just me… without further speculation, here are the three-piece bands who put on a lively and/or charming show, a live event to reminiscent of when listening to their recorded material.

[On the cover photo City of the Sun who gave an amazing impromptu street performance. Glad, I caught them.]


Pretty City
Home base: Melbourne, Australia
#3IsABand feature: Pretty City 
SXSW 2016: Pretty City
Genre: Rock
SXSW Review: Pretty City Fascinates Crowds During SXSW 2016

Pretty City at the East Tent



Home base: Toronto, Canada
SXSW 2016 bio: Doomsquad
Genre: Electronic
SXSW Review: Doomsquad Know How to Enchant at Elysium (SXSW)

Doomsquad at Elysium




Home base: London, England
#3IsABand feature: HÆLOS
SXSW 2016 bio: HÆLOS
Genre: Avant / Experimental
SXSW Review: HÆLOS plays SXSW, releases their debut album and kicks off U.S. Tour at Mercury Lounge

For their US tour, and most possibly there after, HÆLOS doubled up and added not just one but two drummers as well as a guitarist to their alluring mix.

Hælos at Foodfest


Holy Nothing
Home base: Porto, Portugal
Album or Show Review or #3IsABand feature:
SXSW 2016 bio: Holy Nothing
Genre: Electronic
SXSW Show: Holy Nothing Proof that Electronic Music Can Be Super Exciting LIVE at Hideout (SXSW)

Holy Nothing at The Hideout




Lady Pills
Home base: Boston
Genre: Rock
SXSW Show: yet to come… for now, our Day 3 Round-up

Lady Pills at the West Tent

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