SONG PICK: Chaika – The Quietness



SONG PICK: Chaika – The Quietness

Urgent, menacing undertones, creating a chilling dark vibe. Driving beats, staccato vocals, spitting out word for word, until the relentlessly pushing forward beats slow down half way through, taking a break in their vitality, the piercing guitar melody almost coming to a complete halt, lingering along, prolonging the exhaustion and eventually… fade out. Leeds four-piece Chaika released with “The Quietness” yet another stunning psych-rock piece which should appeal to fans of the dark, energetic vibe of “What Went Down” by Foals or “The Zoo” by Fews and fans of more cryptic noise-rock of e.g. Chicago’s Disappears alike. Listen to “The Quietness”, our Song Pick of the Day:

Chaika keep it lighter on “I Fall” musically and lyrically. Give it a listen also:

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