SONG PICK: Leitbur – I Need You



SONG PICK: Leitbur – I Need You

There is plenty of promise with a touch of longing right from the start of “I Need You”, a beautifully infectious  synthpop gem by LA duo Leitbur .”I Need You” is also the first single to their upcoming album “Antique Travelers” to drop on May 6th. “You’re the best person I know, I need you by my side, I need you” croons Jaron Widman in his warm tenor and then Samantha Krzyston ethereally chimes in and the track takes on new heights and meaning. “I Need You” envelopes us in a romantic cloud of soaring synths lines, catchy big choruses and sheer musical bliss. Listen to our Song Pick of the Day “I Need You” and happily sing along:


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