NEW EP: Darla & The Blonde – Eugenia (EP STREAM)



NEW EP: Darla & The Blonde – Eugenia (EP STREAM)

Last year, when we made “The End of the Party” Song Pick of the Day, we were already surprised by the choice of topic, talking about the “Hong Kong Umbrella revolution”. Now, Darla And The Blonde’s debut EP “Eugenia” is out, with even more remarkable tracks. Songwriter Nina Lovelace chooses rather deep subjects for her lyrics and titles like “In Admiration for the Female Spy” or “Hexenhammer” underline this. On the other hand, musically, Darla And The Blonde are a refreshingly straight-forward and unpretentious rock band that combines dark melodic rock with an appealing interplay of Nina’s and lead singer Jen Demaris’ vocals.

The EP is out on May 20. Stream it ahead of time in its entirety below:

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