NEW ALBUM: Mayflower Madame – Observed In A Dream



NEW ALBUM: Mayflower Madame – Observed In A Dream

Today, Mayflower Madame released their first full length studio album, “Observed In A Dream”, an intensely rich and atmospherically dark psychedelic beauty of a record.

Having grown into a young adult, enjoying dark, new wave bands with a psychedelic vibe like Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, The Mission (UK) or Prince of the Blood, later adding Chameleons and then later still Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (the only of those I ever saw live), I’m rather familiar with this kind of sound – and so are Mayflower Madame. This is not to say they’d be just taking cues and wrapping it in a bit of their own. Not. At. All.

“Observed In A Dream” is most definitely a must-listen album for fans of the aforementioned bands and then some. I’ve also read Mayflower Madame being compared to My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus and the Mary Jane, more big names to the already impressive list.


Listening through the album multiple times, I’m discovering something new and unexpected every single time and am already looking forward to the quartet’s follow-up!

Hailing from Norway, Mayflower Madame are comprised of Trond Fagernes (vocals, guitars), Rune Overby (guitars), Petter Marberg (bass) and Ola J. Kyrkjeeide (drums), supported live and in the studio by Kenneth Eknes (synth). 

One of the stand-out tracks is “Self-Seer” – partly inspired by the moody work of famous and fellow Norwegian painter and printmaker Edvard Munch.  The song is a dark and feverish tale about obsession, escapism and longing, listen to it now:

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Watch the video for “Weightless”:

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