NEW ARTIST: Year Of The Brother



NEW ARTIST: Year Of The Brother

Always happy to find upbeat music, that’s not too sugary sweet or trying too hard to please, I recently came across “So Far, So Good” by Year Of The Brother. The band, consisting of Brennan Mari (lead vocals), Elijah Gundlach (guitars and other instruments) and Tom Rydquist (production), could have also a gotten a spot in our #3IsABand series with being three high-school friends, yet with only one recorded song under their belt, they are right at home being featured as “New Artist”.

More music is in the making, and I have no doubt, that The Year Of The Brother will have enough ideas for a nice EP to drop soon. Having moved from Modesto, CA to Portland, OR the three now fully pursue their music. On “So Far, So Good” they blend their musical interests into one happiness inducing track:

With not much music to share, yet, how about another band photo, a cheerful one? So far, so good! year of the brother - feel good

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