3 Is A Band: SKYES



3 Is A Band: SKYES

Always excited to be able to feature a three-piece from my own ‘hood… and SKYES from Brooklyn are a band not to be missed. The more I listen to SKYES, the more I totally dig them.
While on the surface, you might write SKYES  off as “yet another electronic band”, they run so much deeper. With Dallin Knightly’s super charming vocals, you’re ready to dismiss them as one of these sugary bubble-gum pop-bands but then you didn’t listen yet, because… the whole production screams ‘edge’ and ‘indie’ in a very good and cool way. The guitar and drum works are exquisite, and again, the vocals are rad and all comes together in a truly fantastic mix.
SKYES’ debut EP “Quarks” drops May 6th and I’ve been lucky to be listening to the EP as I’m writing this… Loving. Every. Single. Track. “Quarks” such a surprising mix of emotions, nothing I’ve expected and everything I want in a debut EP. From ‘0’ to ‘top 1’0, easily!
Listen to “Give Me More” now and then go all in for with “Quarks”:

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