EP REVIEW: Molyneaux – Before The Dawn



EP REVIEW: Molyneaux – Before The Dawn

Before The Dawn” is the latest self-released EP by Aaron Molyneaux, who makes music as Molyneaux. Residing in the countryside near London, Molyneaux has been making music for quite some time. It’s also been a good while since I first came across this amazing solo artist, having repeatedly listened to his previously released tracks. Eventually putting my appreciation for Molyneaux’s sound into writing.

With “Before The Dawn”, Molyneaux hits my soft spot for synth-infused, slightly melancholic, beautifully flowing songs. Molyneaux’s smooth vocals add to the allure, effortlessly changing between tenor and baritone. My favorite track on “Before The Dawn” is the mesmerizing “Burning Youth”. Give it a listen:

… although not on “Before The Dawn” but luckily still on SoundCloud, the track I first stumbled upon and which I absolutely love. The purposefully slightly dissonant guitar melody gets me every time. It such a beautifully sad (love) song:


Follow Molyneaux on Facebook and visit his website, where there’s so much more artistic creativity to discover!



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