NEW TRACK: Fairchild – Neighbourhoods



NEW TRACK: Fairchild – Neighbourhoods

“Neighbourhoods”, the latest single by indie-rocker six-piece Fairchild comes with a lot of swagger: humming bass-lines, chiming guitar melodies, cool vocals providing a cool, sophisticated vibe… we kind of feel like being on a stroll through the ‘hood.  But… hold on, let’s hear what singer Adam Lyons has to say about this:

Neighbourhoods is a song about a stripper, but really it’s a story about lusting after something you shouldn’t. The narrative follows a character – maybe it’s me – in his pursuit of this woman. There’s no mistaking these lyrics, there’s nothing poetic happening here as such. The song is a warning: be careful what you fall for.”

In essence, “Neighbourhoods” is simply a fantastic track and not to be missed!

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