SONG PICK: Zach Alwin – Burnin’ Up



SONG PICK: Zach Alwin – Burnin’ Up

Sometimes a book or a record can be judged by its cover and the artwork to Zach Alwin’s newest single “Burnin’ Up” certainly is intriguing with its disco references. “Burnin’ Up” boosts some 70s funk bass lines and synths grooves, over soulful vocals with an overall cool dance vibe contrasting perfectly with the hot lyrics. “When you caught my eye, I knew we’d be lovers, Take me back, take me back to your home, Where you can call me your own” croons Southern California native Zach Alwin, who releases Burnin’ Up ahead of his EP to drop later this year. “Burnin’ Up” is the perfect backdrop for a Saturday night out, and our Song Pick of the Day:

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