“Means”, the debut album by FEWS, is an example for the famous Aristotle quote  “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” because each track on the album is a little gem in itself, yet when thrown together onto one record, arranged nicely, they begin to shine even more and dazzle the listener. That’s when synergy starts.

Here’s a quick look at the album track by track:

  1.  “I.D.” – is a great instrumental intro into an alluring album.
  2. “The Zoo” – released as the second single, which we made Song Pick of the Day
  3. “Drinking Games” – is a playful song with urgent guitars and drums.
  4. “The Queen” – is kind of majestic.
  5. “10 Things” – could also easily be released as a single with it’s high hit potential and a similar restlessness as “100 Goosebumps”
  6. “100 Goosebumps” – amazing track, for which we featured the stunning band video.
  7. “Keep On Telling Myself” – maybe the moodiest and slowest track of them all.
  8. “If Things Go On Like This” – the newest single release.
  9. “Zlatan” – the title refers to a Swedish soccer player.
  10. “III” – the track that got released first and my current favorite song on the album of an album with 10 favorites. This track is mesmerizing, slightly moody but not too much, chiming guitars, nice effects all around. And it lasts for 8:17 minutes so there’s plenty of the good.

Having been fortunate to be able to listen to the album for a few weeks already, and truly digging it, I had plenty of time to think about what I could compare it to, looking for another band’s debut album. And the more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t help but wanting to compare it to U2’s debut album “Boy”, in regards to its overall approach, the shimmering guitars and strong songwriting but with 36 years between them. I would certainly wish FEWS a successful career and will always treasure the times when I could still see them play small venues.

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Go and catch FEWS live:

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