SONG PICK: Pierce Fulton – False Proof



SONG PICK: Pierce Fulton – False Proof

When “False Proof” landed in my inbox, I listened to the track without any prior knowledge or bias and loved what I heard: a smooth, alt-rock song, with an irresistible hook and intriguing song progression, charming vocals and an overall groovy vibe. After having listened to it for the third time, I knew that “False Proof” would have to become a Song Pick of the Day and that’s when I wanted to know who created the chill track.

Turns out, it’s no other than Pierce Fulton, who is breaking out from his EDM and dance music fame, to try his talent on something slightly different. With only a few drum samples, guitar, bass guitar and his own vocals, Pierce Fulton has created a highly enjoyable indie rock stunner, and there will be more like this on his upcoming EP scheduled for end of  June.: “You got to, got to want it / You got to want this right now, right now”, listen to “False Proof” now: 

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