Excited for Chaos Chaos // Plastic Waves // Blak Emoji // Painted Zeros @ Knitting Factory for #NSIDE



Excited for Chaos Chaos // Plastic Waves // Blak Emoji // Painted Zeros @ Knitting Factory for #NSIDE

Summer in the city and Northside Festival in full swing! So many great bands and interesting showcases to choose from, yet here’s one we’re particularly excited about. Granted, we’re also a bit biased but even if these exciting indie rock acts wouldn’t perform at our and Audiofemme’s showcase at one of Brooklyn’s finest venues, we’d love to see them. Heck, we’ve seen three out of four perform already and know that everybody who is attending tomorrow’s show will be in a for a treat.

So, come out to Knitting Factory (Lorimer stop on the G), rain or shine and say ‘hi’. To get an idea what you can expect from this afternoon filled with dreamy synth rock, synth pop, dreamy psych rock and experimental pop, here a quick round-up:

Painted Zeros
Kicking off our showcase in style, with shoegaze and beautiful guitar indie rock is Katie Lau, who goes by the moniker Painted Zeros. Psyched to finally see her performing live tomorrow, since her album is one of our favs of 2015! Painted Zeros is getting the party started at 1:00pm, so be there!

Blak Emoji
@ 1:45 pm
Just recently, we Kelsey’s new musical project Blak Emoji playing at Pianos and loved their sound and performance so much that we asked Kelsey  to be part of our showcase and much to our delight they are!

Plastic Waves
@ 2:45 pm
One of our other top favorite acts at this year’s SXSW festival were Plastic Waves from Boston and got pretty fond of their beautiful synth pop/ psych rock sound. Truly happy that Andre Bellido is gathering his band mates and is heading down from Boston to perform at the Audiofemme + glamglare showcase

Chaos Chaos
@ 3:45 pm
The two sisters of Chaos Chaos, who came to New York from Seattle, delivered one of the most exciting shows at this year’s SXSW. They play Northside two times, including the Audiofemme+glamglare showcase.


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