Northside Festival Day 1 Roundup



Northside Festival Day 1 Roundup

Finally! The Northside Festival, Brooklyn’s far more intimate and relaxed version of SXSW has started. Aside from short ways between the events, we also enjoy that the action takes place in some of our favorite venues. Our second living room, Union Pool, for example, where we kicked off the festival at the showcase of the three labels Cascine, Carpark and Terrorbird.

Unfortunately Maria Usbek – a glamglare Song Pick – dropped out, but we were in time for Prince Innocence who have signed to Cascine. They are a classic boy/girl duo: she sings and he operates the machines, but the music is brilliant and intense and using a backdrop projection instead of lights delivered interesting visuals. Next up on the same stage were TEEN and Yumi Zouma. Both we have seen already live, so we decided to move on.

The destination was Pete’s Candy Store, a venerable independent venue, where we have not seen a show yet. It is a very intimate place in the shape of a train car – perfect for a singer/songwriter performance like the one of Shadow Monster. We loved her video “Out of My Mind” and are happy to report that she has a new one ready to be released soon.

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