SONG PICK: Paper City People – Vacancy Routine [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]



SONG PICK: Paper City People – Vacancy Routine [EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE]

“Vacancy Routine” is one of these alluring indie rock gems that impress with an interesting mix of mostly minor keys with sprinkles of majors, infectious chiming guitars and vocal hooks. “Vacancy Routine”, is the debut single by Melbourne duo Paper City People. Initially, Paper City People begun as a studio project between Boyd Kelly and Christopher Tass Parker, sharing a romantic affection for guitars, with the desire to bring clarity to enigmatic dance music. One thing led to another and so they now create fully fledged indie pop rock with catchy dance beats. On “Vacancy Routine” Paper City People sonically express the desire for acceptance, whilst lyrically stressing the importance of living independently. Listen to “Vacancy Routine”, our Song Pick of the Day and Exclusive glamglare Premiere, now:

Meet Boyd Kelly and Christopher Tass Parker of Paper City People. Follow them on Facebook, SoundCloud, Unearthed and Instagram.

Paper City People - Press Photo

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