[PHOTOS] Dead Leaf Echo Enchant with an Ambient Set at Pete’s Candy Store (Northside 2016)



[PHOTOS] Dead Leaf Echo Enchant with an Ambient Set at Pete’s Candy Store (Northside 2016)

As long time fans of Brooklyn’s Dead Leaf Echo, we certainly didn’t want to miss their ambient set at Pete’s Candy Store during this year’s Northside Festival. While many other music fans celebrated Brian Wilson at MacCarren Park around the corner, we gladly enjoyed the peacefulness at this intimate and unique venue.

Leaving their drummer and bassist behind for the evening, Ana Breton (vocals, guitar) and LG Galleon (vocals, guitar) came out to play an ambient set that they specifically created for Pete’s Candy Store. Everybody in attendance that Sunday night was in for a special treat: By taking away the power of the drums and the loud guitars, Ana and LG were able to focus on the vocals and let the beauty of their songs shine through and speak for themselves.

While it’s always great fun to see all four of Dead Leaf Echo play their shoegaze inspired, nouveau wave, it was an entirely different event and not any less joyful to experience them in a quieter setting and ambiance.

They might do it again, so watch out for any news and for the time being enjoy some photos from that special performance:

== All concert photos by glamglare.com – Elke Nominikat and Oliver Bouchard ==

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