NEW RELEASE: L. $hamPain – Euphoria



NEW RELEASE: L. $hamPain – Euphoria

I’ve been thinking about why I find L. $hamPain’s music so intriguing. Maybe it is the fact that there is so little information out there about this young Texan singer/songwriter and it reminds me of a time when I bought albums simply by the cover from the “alternative” bin. If I liked the music, I tried to piece together a full picture through the often sparse information on the liner notes.

A line from her song “American Girl” gives a better clue: “We’re suburban brats, in love with our pain”. This kind of music captures perfectly that time in life, when things are weird, and big and inescapable and often painful experiences lurk around every corner. Yet it is also a time full of dreams, hope and promise and you can find that too in her songs – what captures the dream of a better future more than soundbites from NASA?

L. $hamPain says that “Euphoria” is about the relentless pursuit of happiness although during the five songs she does not achieve much of it, except maybe for a short time at the “highway-side pancake house”. But she continues trying and I’m curious where this will leave her for her next EP or album.

“Euphoria” is out now for free download on Bandcamp or Soundcloud.

Listen to “Pancake House” on Soundcloud:

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